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Not the number of servants you have, but the amount of people you serve.

A Way in the Wilderness

Every day I cross paths with people who are on a hungry mission for power. People who want to separate themselves from the crowd, stand up and proclaim, “I am a leader. Fear me”, as if being elected to be a leader makes them better than their neighbors. They want to be recognized by people. They demand to be respected. They want to be elite.They’ll do just about anything to attain this level of “success” in their lives. They’ll compromise themselves and they’ll step on anyone who stands in their way if it means that they’ll be one step higher.

We’ve all encountered people like this. The problem with leadership in South Africa and all over the world, actually, is that the title of ‘leader’ has lost its’ meaning somewhere along the way. People want titles and recognition and superiority without the accompanied burden of responsibility. It appears that the…

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