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Just One Act

I was watching a program on TV last night that touched me to my core. And more than ever made me realize how one small act, one stupid act, one act of passion, one act in the heat of the moment, one act without contemplating the consequences, one selfish act, can change the course of your life, can change the life course of everyone connected to you, can destroy someone, can destroy your loved ones, can destroy a family, can change the path of history.

Do we ever think about the consequences of all our actions? When we want something or someone, do we actually stop and sit down first and think where our next action is going to take us? Where it is going to take not only yourself, but everyone connected to you?

Do you think about the possible consequences when you get into your car to drive after you have had too much to drink? If you make an accident and kill someone or hurt someone, wouldn’t you think “if only I didn’t”?

Do you think about the consequences when you fall in lust with someone else, while you are in a relationship or married? And if you pursue that lust and get caught and lose everything that really meant something to you – your love, your children, the respect of your loved ones – wouldn’t you think “if only I could turn back time”?

People kill in the heat of the moment, people hurt other people in the heat of the moment, people destroy each other in the heat of the moment. Each and every war has been caused by one single act. The origin was always JUST ONE ACT. If the person who committed that inflammatory act, had just stepped back for one moment, looked at the possible outcome and considered the consequences, considered the amount of lives that is going to be lost, the time wasted, the damage done, would it still have been the same? Would they still have gone through with that one act?

If you look at your own life, if you could see into the future at certain points where you took action and you could foresee the consequences, would you go back and do exactly the same?

Yes, regrets are futile. And still we have them. Shouldn’t we learn from them? Do we ever? Some of us make the same mistakes over and over, as if we are stuck in some kind of repeat mode. We can’t change the past, but we can change the future. Before you act on that one impulse that you know, deep down in your realistic mind, is not to the benefit of anyone in the long run, but only to satisfy your own immediate selfish need – THINK. Sit down and think. And think again.

Because you may think you will get away with it, you may think it’s not such a big deal, you may justify it to yourself in the nicest of words, but you have NO idea of the gates of hell you might be opening in your own life and everyone else you hold dear.

Just one act. Only one. To destroy everything worthwhile in your life. Forever.

Think. BEFORE you act. Always.

“If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world.” (Mercedes Lackey)

12 thoughts on “Just One Act

  1. Goeie skrywe! En Vlooi se woorde vul dit definitief goed aan. Was die padveiligheidsorganisasie se “leuse” nie ook “think. before you do. before you drive” of so iets nie?

  2. Excellent topic. However, as usual it’s only those who do think before they act that are most probably going to read it. The careless ones will have no time to reflect on their “sins”. There is this song sung by Edith Piaf, No regrets. I wonder how many people strive to make this part of their life.

  3. We don’t always understand the immensity and ripple effect of one stupid unthinkable act. Only if we are willing to be honest with ourselves will we be able to face the impact of that act.

    Somehow you get people that find solace in the predictability of certain regrets and make the same mistake over and over again.

    I believe in thinking before you act, yet sometimes you need to jump with your eye closed and your heart wide open with believe.

    Regret for not doing something is at times a bigger burden to carry than the regret of doing without thinking it through.

    Both sides of the coin.

    If you do decide to act without thinking, be sure you are willing to carry the consequences of that act.

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