I could absolutely not resist to reblog this. I am no rascist, never has been, but I live in South Africa and I specifically live in the Western Cape and I think this needs to be read and heard! Thanks Boer!

Boer in Ballingskap

I read you article (In a Divided city, Many Blacks See Echoes of White Superiority) in the New York Times of March 22nd with great interest. Your clear lack of objectivity and superficial understanding of South African society irked me, but I decided to let your subjective report pass, as I have become accustomed to subjective reporting on South Africa from the likes of the New York Times. But on a second read of your article, I decided that the glaring myopia in your report cannot go unchallenged. By not verifying your facts and fabricating a story from hearsay, half-truths and a dollop of assumptions (was their pressure from the editor to write a story, although there wasn’t really one?), you have left yourself wide open for criticism. I quote directly from your article:

This is the only major metropolis in South Africa where black people are…

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